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Festive celebration and special conference

“40 Years of Horticulture Education in Cluj-Napoca”


The event is hosted in the main campus of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The campus is located close to the city center and includes different academic and research buildings. From the city center, one can reach the campus in about 20 minutes walking or in less than 10 minutes by bus or trolleybus (nr. 9, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28) or walking. A local transport ticket costs 2 lei (approx. 50 Euro cents). Click here for a map of the city center or here for a map of the University campus. A detailed map of Cluj-Napoca can be obtained from the web site:,23.5791761,15z

You can find a large number of hotels in Cluj-Napoca, including in the proximity of the UASVM Cluj-Napoca (please see below several ones). The hotels can be connected directly, register online via their websites with details about their location (maps) and room prices, facilities (wireless is usually free).

Hotel Pami, 3 Stars, 20 rooms, walk 5-10 min to the USAMV campus, str. Manastur 39,

Hotel Napoca, 4 Stars, 160 rooms, walk 15-20 min to the USAMV campus, str. Octavian Goga nr.1.

Hotel Sport, 3 Stars, 136 rooms, walk 10-15 min to the USAMV campus, Aleea Stadionului nr. 1,

Hotel Cristal, 3 Stars, 20 rooms, walk 10 min to the USAMV campus, Str. Moldovei nr. 17,

For other hotels, please visit the link;label=city-cluj-napoca-umMCX24sqg4Kb_kzSww*LAS8397206181;ws=&gclid=CPmQk_n9qa4CFUS-zAodUDw_RA

The location of your hotel can be seen in the city map. A digital map of Cluj and other information are available here

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Cluj-Napoca – a city of beauty

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