Prof. dr. Dimitrios BILALIS

Agricultural University of Athens (

Dr. Dimitrios J. BILALIS

Assoc. Professor of Organic Agriculture at Agricultural Univ. of Athens. Prof. at Univ. of Ioannina (2002-2007) and Tutor in Open Univ. of Cyprus (from 2011 until today). Over 90 scientific papers published in high-profile journals; reviewer of over 200 scientific papers belonging to more than 70 journals; member of editorial board (ten journals). Member of different organizations and associations, including IFOAM, ISOFAR (National representative member in EU-IFOAM, 2007-2011); participation in more than 30 international conferences and scientific meetings. Manager or scientific supervisor of more than 30 research projects. National and EU evaluator in different projects. Member in Certification Board in Organic Certification Body “DIO” and Council Member of Institute of Organic Agriculture. General Secretary of Interscientific Society for Organic agriculture “REA”. Scientific corresponding of NGO “Organization Earth”. Member of National Accreditation Council (ESYD). Member of National Academic Recognition Information Center (NARIC). Consistent studies elaborated for organic agriculture and products for industrial, cooperatives, government and local authorities sector; a lot of articles in daily newspapers, TV broadcasts.

  • Department of Crop Science
  • Lab. of Crop Production
  • Iera Odos 75, 10445
  • Athens
  • Greece, 11855


Research experience and specialization

  • -Organic Agriculture
  • -Certification system
  • -Soil Management (Tillage & biology)
  • -Agronomy
  • -Agric. Environment


Activities & Distinctions

  • -National representative at IFOAM-EU Board (2008-2010)
  • -Member of ISOFAR (International Society of Organic Agriculture Research)
  • -General Secretary of InterScientific Society of Organic Agriculture (REA)
  • -Member of Hellenic Soil Society
  • -Member of National Accreditation Council (ESYD)
  • -Scholarship (3 years) from State Scholarships foundation
  • -Member of Union of Hellenic Scientists for Protypation and Standardization (ENEPROT)
  • -Member of Certification Council of DIO Certification Body

Dimitrios Bilalis honorific member SHST   Dimitrios Bilalis member NBHA CN

  • -Honorific Member of SHST
  • -Member of editorial board, NBHA-CN

 Bilalis awards3Prof. Viorel Mitre, SHST executive president (left) and Prof. Radu Sestras, SHST honorific president (right), awarded SHST and NBHA-CN diplomas to Prof. Dimitrios Bilalis – Athens, June 18, 2013