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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Reisch was specialized in the development of new wine and table grape varieties, as well as new grape breeding techniques. Since joining the Cornell faculty in 1980, he has released eleven new grape varieties – eight wine grapes and three seedless table grapes. The grape breeding program continues to emphasize wine variety development with a strong emphasis on combining wine quality with disease resistance and cold tolerance. He developed flavorful, attractive table grapes, as well, complementing the traditional breeding program with experimental approaches to develop complete maps of grapevine chromosomes, and to study functional gene expression. He was chair for over ten years of the Grape Crop Germplasm Committee of U.S. Department of Agriculture, endeavoring to preserve wild and cultivate grapevines. Dr. Reisch has a great contribution to international cooperation, researches and conferences, and developed usefulness scientific relations with research units and stations of France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Israel, Hungary, Turkey, Thailand, Switzerland, China, Japan. His laboratory has hosted graduate students and researchers from many parts of the world, including Japan, Chile, Brazil, Pakistan, France, South Africa, Germany, Hungary, Korea, Israel and China. The SHST society consider Professor Bruce Reisch one of the most famous researcher in the world in grapevine biology and appreciate a lot his achievements in grapevine breeding and genetics.

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