Prof. Dr. Sezai ERCISLI received his B.Sc. from the Horticulture Department of Ataturk University in Turkey and awarded the top student of the Agriculture Faculty of Ataturk University. He obtained MSc and Ph.D. from Ataturk University (Plant Breeding) in 1992 and 1996 years, respectively. He held fellowship positions at the Nebraska University Agriculture and Natural Resources Faculty, Department of Horticulture in USA between 1996-1998. He is currently Professor in Horticulture Department of Ataturk University and also Vice Rector of the University. The focus of his lab is to work on morphological, biochemical and molecular characterization of fruit species to evaluate diversity. He is one of the pioneer scientists working on wild edible fruits as well. He was the chair of several international symposiums, conferences, congress based on plant biodiversity, plant biotechnology and horticulture. He was awarded several times the most productive scientists in Ataturk University in particular for published papers, international relationships and ongoing projects. He published over 350 papers indexed in SCI journals. He is currently editor of Turkish Journal Agriculture and Forestry.